Terms & Conditions

  1. Definition
    Service means MTN WebWiz solution provided by MTN.
    Subscriber means client name.
    Registration form means a structured form containing required request details and acceptance of the terms and conditions by the subscriber.
  2. Duration and Term
    This service shall commence on the date of payment by the Subscriber and subject to the provisions of the T&C’s and shall continue thereafter until terminated by either party.

  3. Billing and terms of payment
    Billing for the service is per annual basis and payment is via momo.

  4. Prices
    The current price lists shall apply. By taking up the service offered, the subscriber accepts to pay the current prices. MTN reserves the right to revise the tariffs from time to time and such revisions may be advertised or issued on demand. The revised tariffs shall apply from the date it was advertised or notified.

  5. Termination
    Either party may terminate this service any time and for whatever cause by giving the other party 30 days notice in writing of its intention to do so.

  6. Assignment
    MTN shall be entitled to procure third parties at any time to meet its contractual obligations.

  7. Liability
    MTN shall under no circumstances accept liability for consequential loss, lost profit and loss of data. Neither shall it accept damage caused by any use of its services which is illegal or in breach of this Contract.

  8. General
    The Subscriber must notify MTN immediately of any change of details as submitted on the registration form. The Subscriber agrees that information submitted, including personal details and transactions will be recorded and kept for record keeping purposes.

  9. Force Majeure
    MTN shall not be liable if the provision of the service is temporarily interrupted, restricted in whole or in part or it is impossible to access the service as a result of Force Majeure.

  10. Website Revisions
    Once created, customers can request a number of revisions to their websites depending on the package they select. Starter and Launch plans have 1 revision whilst the Grow and Sell plans have 2 revisions. These revisions can be used before the hard stop period ends.

  11. Hard Stop
    The hard stop period indicates the timeframe within which customers have to request the needed revisions to their website before it is considered complete. After this period, no more revisions will be accepted. The Starter and Launch plans have a hard stop of 5 days from first iteration whilst the Grow and Sell plans have a hardstop of 7 days from first iteration.

  12. Website Updates
    Once completed, or after the hard stop period, any other changes to be made are considered as website updates. The Launch, Grow and Sell packages have one, two and five hours worth of free website updates each year. Do kindly contact us if you require more hours of updates.
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